Let’s Travel: Getting to know you

Please make a note of filling out the Travel Waiver in addition to this form. Click here to view the Travel Waiver page or return to the landing page and select the second bullet.

Note: There is not a “save” button for this form so please know that you cannot close and resume this form.

Personal information
Name (please include middle initial) *
Name (please include middle initial)
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Mailing address
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Emergency contact information
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Emergency contact name
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Secondary emergency contact name
If possible try to list someone who does not live in your vicinity
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Group information
WhatsApp will be our primary point of contact leading up to and during our time in CI - we'd like to have everyone set up with one so we can communicate as a group.
We want to share with other participants why you are coming so we can all get to know each other better!
Sites you want to see, people you want to meet - anything that is not on our itinerary that we can help arrange
Share my information with the rest of the group *
By saying yes, we will add your contact info under your name on a participants list to share with the tour group. Check one of the following:
Final information
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