Strategic Planning

Growing Vision, Shaping Change

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We have developed several templates and handbooks that we review in collaboration with clients to tailor training programs and facilitated meetings. We work with clients to complete templates to use as guides for the planning of the facilitation, defining goals and outcomes and how the events of each day will progress.

As follow up, we provide digital photographs of the facilitation sticky wall and the created artifacts. Additionally, we collate the results of the facilitation and other artifacts and return a document to clients with the facilitation summary of ideas. Finally, we hold a retrospective meeting at the end of the engagement to talk about the outcomes.  

We believe strategic plans should not sit on a shelf once created and we help our clients to visualize work and more effectively think about the end value to their customers.

Technology of Participation

Our facilitators are trained in the Institute of Cultural Affairs ToP (Technology of Participation) method. This method was developed by a non-profit organization specializing in community development work around the world. We use this method because it is highly collaborative, values the diversity of individual contributions and is a very hands-on, inclusive and participatory approach. It is very visual and involves large and small group activities. The outcome of the process is a set of priorities and action plans for each priority. We use supplies such as flip charts and a sticky wall that serves as the central collection method for the ideas, priorities and objectives of group discussions that are a result of the facilitation process.

Recent Projects

  • University of Washington AIMS Center Strategic Planning, 2019-present.

  • City of Tacoma, Neighborhood and Community Development Department, Human Services Division, 2015-2019 Human Services Strategic Plan (in partnership with Kennedy Consulting, LLC)

  • State of Colorado, Department of Human Services, Back to the Future strategic planning session

  • State of South Carolina, Departments of Social Services and Health and Human Services, Work Support Strategies Strategic Plan