Koné Consulting creates lasting improvements in organizations by: 

We document your current situation in measurable terms that help your organization or program improve. We specialize in gathering qualitative data to help you  understand your customer’s story and to improve the customer experience and outcomes.

We help you develop a culture of continuous improvement that involves people at all levels of an organization. We get you started through hands-on experience with lean thinking and its applications. We help you develop your internal capacity to discover new and better ways to serve your collaborators and customers.

We conduct strategic planning workshops that produce new thinking, consensus, shared vision, and tangible results. We interview stakeholders, conduct focus groups, and absorb your organization’s mission in order to create plans that are meaningful, practical, and visionary.

We maximize the quality, durability, and overall impact of any change effort your organization may undergo through our technical assistance services. We facilitate real-time, relevant information sharing across departments and organizations working on similar improvements.

Contract vehicles

  • Washington State Department of Enterprise Services:
    • Lean Consulting Services
    • Management Analysis Consulting Services
    • Organizational Development
  • Washington State Auditor's Office: Professional Consulting Services

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