Koné Consulting Express

Quick turnaround.
High touch.
Visible results.

At Koné Consulting, our bread and butter is long-term projects in the public sector. We also want to help people practice improvement in quick, accessible ways. Welcome to Koné Consulting Express.

Solve a problem


Structured problem solving using lean principles

What? A full day work session for a group to identify, understand, and come up with proposed solutions to a vexing problem.

When? Whenever there is a problem that affects the quality of work or the experience of people (either those doing the work or those served by it).

Who? The people who are doing the work closest to the problem.

How? Using an A3 8-step problem solving approach that takes the group through:

  • clarifying the problem,
  • developing a rich understanding of why & how the problem occurs, and
  • devising countermeasures that can be tried out & adopted across the organization if successful.

Why? An improvement event will help your team find creative, targeted ways to address a problem in the work.

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Get to consensus


Getting to practical, meaningful consensus

What? A half-day structured workshop for a group to generate consensus around an issue or concern.

When? When a group feels "stuck", either due to changes in circumstances (such as the beginning or end of a project), or due to misunderstandings, differing priorities, or other kinds of misalignment.

Who? The people who need to reach consensus. Multiple perspectives welcomed.

How? Using a methodology from the Institute for Cultural Affairs, the workshop relies on a combination of individual, small group, and larger group work to get from individual understandings of the situation to a finished product expressing the group's consensus.

Why? Because you need to integrate everybody's thinking and develop it into something that everybody can live with going forward. Things can get heated, but the end product typically surprises with its richness and its applicability.

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Develop people

from 4,999.00

Giving people skills for growth

What? An immediately available, customizable leadership training program.

When? When developing skills is needed to support new initiatives and continued growth.

Who? Your team — staff or managers. You tell us.

How? Our Leadership training modules help teams understand their roles and work together through changing business environments. Options include:

  • Roles and Expectations of Leaders and Managers
  • Accountability and Stewardship
  • Prioritization and Time Management
  • Coaching and Performance Management
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Navigating Organizational Change

Our Lean curriculum includes:

  1. Introduction to Lean
  2. Lean for leadership
  3. Value stream thinking and improvement
  4. A3 8-step problem solving method
  5. Visualizing work, designing work
  6. Lean thinking: beyond introduction to Lean
  7. Lean coaching for problem solving

We'll work with you to ensure the right customization of topics to cover based on your time choice (half-day or full day), skill development needs, group size and composition.

Why? Because improving people and their skills is the best way to improve the organization as a whole.

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