Discover Côte d’Ivoire

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to you as a paid participant in Koné Consulting’s Côte d’Ivoire tour.  Please read the document carefully.  There will be no alterations to these terms and conditions made by any Koné Consulting employee, consultant, vendor or authorized agent without written consent by an officer of Koné Consulting.

Deposit and Tour Payment: You are required to pay a deposit of $500.00 per person to receive a confirmed registration. A deposit of $1,500 secures your spot plus guarantees early-bird pricing at $3,495; this offer ends July 5, 2019. On July 6, 2019 the price of the tour will be $3,995. Final payments/balances are due August 31, 2019. Missing the final payment may result in removal from the tour and forfeiture of your deposit. After August 31, 2019, full payment is required upon registration, and is non-refundable after seven days. The final day to register for the 2019 tour is September 15, 2019. Koné Consulting accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as personal checks, money orders, or electronic fund transfers. If payments are returned for any reason, a $35.00 fee will be assessed and added to your remaining balance to be paid in full before departure.

Single Occupancy or Private Rooms: A limited number of single rooms are available during the tour.  If a private room is not available when you make your reservation, we will notify you immediately.

Cancellations, Refunds and Credits: Your deposit will be 100% refundable for 30 days after it is received, until August 31, 2019. If you register for the tour after August 31, 2019, full payment is required and will be non-refundable after seven days.

If a cancellation is received 60 - 45 days from departure, you will receive a refund for 50% of the tour cost.

If a cancellation is received 44 -30 days from departure, you will receive a refund for 25% of the tour cost.

If a cancellation is received less than 29 - 10 days out, you will receive a refund for 10% of the tour cost.

Any cancellation received under 10 days from departure will not receive a refund.

If Koné Consulting cancels the tour, you will be refunded 100% of the funds you have paid within 30 days after the cancellation per Washington State law. Koné Consulting will not be liable for additional costs related to the cancellation of the tour, which includes airfare expenses and other travel costs.

Travel Documents and Passports: You will be required to obtain, carry, and display a passport that is valid six months before and after the tour dates.  

Final documents regarding the trip including itinerary, emergency contact information, a Release and Waiver agreement, flight confirmations from France to Abidjan, hotel room confirmations and any other travel related materials will be sent three weeks prior to departure.

Traveler Expectations: This tour will require moderate physical activity and will include walking (sometimes on uneven terrain), climbing, and standing for a significant amount of time. You will also be required to carry or roll your luggage from the airport, hotel and tour bus.  

 Please dress accordingly as the weather in Côte d’Ivoire in September can be warm and humid. 

Finally, with its status as an emerging country and economy, Côte d’Ivoire is undergoing a robust construction boom. There may be delays in transportation, WiFi or other services.  Note that there may also be some cultural norms and situations that North Americans are not used to seeing. Koné Consulting reserves the right to remove a participant from the tour at any time due to poor or dangerous behavior.

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