Join us in Iowa, Washington, and Florida at upcoming conferences

Fall is upon us and along with it conference season arrives. We are looking forward to a few we will attend, including:

Iowa Lean Consortium

October 12-13, 2016
Cedar Rapids, IA
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The Iowa Lean Consortium is a dynamic, growing, member-driven non-profit dedicated to advancing Lean in all sectors of our economy. Driven by members’ needs, the ILC provides the philosophy, tools, and techniques to meet today's business challenges through members serving members, including but not limited to manufacturing, service/transaction businesses, education, healthcare and government.

Using examples and stories from our public sector clients, Koné Consulting consultants Alicia Huguelet and Brian Kerr will share how Lean principles can be adopted in government agencies - with lessons that apply to any sort of knowledge or service work.

A key tool in our approach is getting people at all levels of an organization to get comfortable with problem solving - so we’ll show you how we do that, and what you’ll need to get started (hint: it’s not much!).

When people aren’t in agreement about who their customers are, feel they don’t have “capacity” for improvement, or rush to find someone to “hold accountable” for problems, things can get messy. We’ll leave you with some key points about how to avoid common entanglements that come up when applying Lean thinking to service work.

Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference

October 18-19, 2016
Tacoma, WA
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This conference is a great opportunity for more than 2000 people from dozens of state agencies, tribal government, local government, the private sector and organizations to come together to learn about Lean, discuss lessons learned and share innovative ways of adapting Lean to the public sector. Breakout sessions are tailored for everyone from a Lean novice to folks who've been using it in their work for years. Anyone from line staff to mid-level managers to executive leaders will find lots to learn at the conference.

Koné Consulting consultants will share our unique approach to introducing new groups to Lean. Brian Kerr and Craig Fitzgerald will discuss the methods they have employed in human services agencies to make sure staff know what Lean is, and perhaps more importantly, what Lean is not. A case study from one county in California will be used to demonstrate their success in this area. The key to achieving true understanding and buy-in from staff is believing the idea that Lean in and of itself is not the solution - but it can be the pathway to the solution.

The American Association of SNAP Directors (AASD) and National Association of TANF Administrators (NASTA) Annual Education Conference

October 23-26, 2016
Orlando, FL
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Two conferences in one! Join your colleagues from around the nation for The American Association of SNAP Directors (AASD) and National Association of TANF Administrators (NASTA) Annual Education Conference. This year’s theme, Connect. Collaborate. Lead. will be explored through a series of informative sessions and will continue to build on APHSA’s commitment to transform the delivery of human services. The education conference will bring together two affiliates who are helping to modernize the health and human services sector.

I am especially excited about this conference as Babette Roberts (who manages Washington State’s TANF program within the Department of Social and Health Services) will participate in, and I will moderate, a panel discussion called From Pathway to Superhighway: How States Better Coordinate TANF and SNAP Benefits and Services to Help People Ascend the Wage Ladder. This panel discussion will offer attendees an opportunity to think about and discuss better ways for states to structure and align the complex array of programs and services that they offer to successfully help people ascend the wage ladder, and remain at the top of it over the long-term.

Babs and I have recently co-authored an article for Policy & Practice’s August issue entitled, TANF at 20 – Personal and Professional Reflections.

If you plan to attend one or more these conferences, please find us leading a session, participating on a panel, or hosting an exhibit table and share what has been challenging or joyful for you over the last year. We look forward to seeing you!