Introducing Katharina

Hello all,


My name is Katharina Brinschwitz - the ‘h’ in Katharina is silent but to make it easier I often go by Kat. As Koné Consulting’s newest member, I will be working as a communications associate with a focus on interpersonal and visual communication.

I recently graduated with both a High School and Associate of Arts degree through Running Start, a state-wide program that allows high school students to take college classes without paying tuition. I am ecstatic to share I have been admitted to the University of Washington, Bothell, which has a Media and Communication Studies program focusing on communications theory and how it applies to media practices. 

Working with Koné Consulting is a perfect opportunity for me to hone and focus on my dream of incorporating graphic design and communications work.

As a young biracial and bilingual woman, I know first-hand the importance of good communication, especially as it pertains to social justice issues. I look forward to learning from everyone at Koné Consulting, as well as assisting the health and human service work we do.

A big thanks to the Koné team for bringing me aboard!