Introducing Erika Larimer

Howdy! Alicia told me it was high time I introduce myself as I’ve been with Koné Consulting since September 2017 and am a member of our communications and business development team (the irony is not lost on me).


My background is in public relations, namely in the arts and tourism, as well as a host of experience navigating special education and community resources for individuals with disabilities, first as the parent of a child with ID/DD (intellectual disability/developmental disability), and subsequently as a mentor/facilitator helping parents, students and schools work collaboratively toward communicating and supporting an individual’s vision for a Good Life – whether it be community inclusion, social capital/full agency, a good job, or dressing up as Gaston for Comicon (my youngest son).



I live in Edmonds, WA with my husband, Dave, our son Emmett, and visits from our adult twins Brady and Alyssa. My latest personal endeavors include sparking my creativity with a daily writing and drawing practice (see “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron) and training for a week-long backpacking trip at Mount Rainier (it helps that I am within walking distance of Koné Consulting HQ, and will often join virtual team meetings in person).


My greatest appreciation about working for Koné Consulting is being able to experience an authentic culture of continuous improvement, where creative problem solving is encouraged, and mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth - reassuring for this recovering perfectionist!


Finally, if you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve likely noticed an increase in blog posts and social media, special projects and our brand/logo update a year ago. Stay tuned for more projects and announcements in the coming year – hint: we’re celebrating!



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