Leadership training workshops

Leadership training workshops

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Giving people skills for growth

What? An immediately available, customizable leadership training program.

When? When developing skills is needed to support new initiatives and continued growth.

Who? Your team — staff or managers. You tell us.

How? Our Leadership training modules help teams understand their roles and work together through changing business environments. Options include:

  • Roles and Expectations of Leaders and Managers
  • Accountability and Stewardship
  • Prioritization and Time Management
  • Coaching and Performance Management
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Navigating Organizational Change

Our Lean curriculum includes:

  1. Introduction to Lean
  2. Lean for leadership
  3. Value stream thinking and improvement
  4. A3 8-step problem solving method
  5. Visualizing work, designing work
  6. Lean thinking: beyond introduction to Lean
  7. Lean coaching for problem solving

We'll work with you to ensure the right customization of topics to cover based on your time choice (half-day or full day), skill development needs, group size and composition.

Why? Because improving people and their skills is the best way to improve the organization as a whole.

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